USA Superheroes Needs Your Help!

USA Superheroes has been reaching out to first responders to plan visits to roll calls and firehouses nation-wide in 2020 to honor them as America’s Superheroes.

Please help us deliver a message of hope to first responders all across America in 2020!


It doesn't matter what city you live in, crime and violence are the number one issues in every major city in America. The people who stand between us and that crime and violence to protect us and keep us safe are our nation's first responders.

The things they see and experience are increasingly taking a toll on their mental health. Suicide rates among first responders are 20% higher than the general public. First responders attempt to commit suicide at 10 times the rate of the general public. In 2018, I started a campaign to honor first responders as the real superheroes in America in an effort to address the mental health crisis. I want to bring people together around the concept of supporting and caring for the ones who serve and protect us every day. It was simple. I went to police stations and firehouses all over the city to encourage them and spread holiday cheer. The responses I received made all the hard work worth it.

In January 2020, I'll be launching the USA Superheroes campaign nationally. For 8 months, I'll be traveling the nation to visit police roll calls and firehouses, to encourage and honor them as the real superheroes in America. I'll be encouraging people all over America to reach out and be intentional about showing appreciation for the first responders in their communities. Today, when you reach out to express appreciation to a first responder, you could be saving their life. I will be reaching out to first responders across the nation but I can't do it without you. Help me take this message to America's real superheroes in 2020.

"Well Steve you have done much to help change me for the better as a person. You literally saved this veteran's life. This has been a very low and depressed time, I was feeling alone. You told me I was more than my crazy thinking when I reached out for your friendship and you accepted. It gave me hope that I wasn't so awful. Maybe I can and maybe God has a plan for my life. Thank you for not allowing me to quit."

- First Responder & United States Veteran

Help support the 2020 USA Superheroes campaign!

USA Superheroes 2020 Itinerary

January 2020

Jan. 23-24 // Lincoln, NE
Jan. 27-28 // Council Bluffs, IA

February 2020

Feb. 3-4 // Des Moines, IA
Feb. 6-7 // Sioux City, IA
Feb. 10-11 // Sioux Falls, SD
Feb. 13-14 // Minneapolis, MN
Feb. 17-18 // Kansas City, MO
Feb. 20-21 // St. Louis, MO
Feb. 24-25 // Nashville, TN
Feb. 27-28 // Atlanta, GA

March 2020

Mar. 2-3 // Tampa, FL

Mar. 5-6 // St. Petersburg, FL
Mar. 9-10 // Tallahassee, FL
Mar. 12-13 // Montgomery, AL
Mar. 16-17 // Jackson, MS
Mar. 19-20 // Shreveport, LA
Mar. 23-24 // Dallas, TX
Mar. 26-27 // Fort Worth, TX
Mar. 30-31 // Midland, TX

April 2020

Apr. 2-3 // Las Cruces, NM
Apr. 6-7 // Tuscon, AZ
Apr. 9-10 // Phoenix, AZ
Apr. 13-14 // Los Angeles, CA
Apr. 16-17 // Bakersfield, CA
Apr. 20-21 // Fresno, CA
Apr. 23-24 // Sacramento, CA
Apr. 27-28 // Carson City, NV
Apr. 30 // Boise, ID

May 2020

May 1 // Boise, ID
May 4-5 // Salt Lake City, UT
May 7 // Cheyenne, WY
May 18-19 // Madison, WI
May 21-22 // Milwaukee, WI
May 25-26 // Chicago, IL
May 28-29 // Fort Wayne, IN

June 2020

Jun. 1-2 // Cleveland, OH
Jun. 4-5 // Eerie, PA
Jun. 8-9 // Buffalo, NY
Jun. 11-12 // Syracuse, NY
Jun. 15-16 // Concord, NH

Jun. 17 // New York
Jun. 19// West Deptford MD      Jun. 22// Bel Air MD                    Jun. 23// Newark DE                    Jun. 26 Easton MD

Jun. 25-26 // New York, NY
Jun. 29 30 St Peterburg FL

July 2020

Jul. 1-2 // Baltimore, MD
Jul. 3-4 // Washington, D.C.
Jul. 6-7 // Richmond, VA
Jul. 9-10 // Raleigh, NC
Jul. 13-14 // Charlotte, NC
Jul. 16-17 // Columbia, SC
Jul. 20-21 // Charleston, SC
Jul. 23-24 // Augusta, GA
Jul. 27-28 // Chattanooga, TN
Jul. 30-31 // Memphis, TN

August 2020

Aug. 3-4 // Little Rock, AR
Aug. 6-7 // Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 10-11 // Tulsa, OK
Aug. 13-14 // Wichita, KS