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Steve Spurgeon

Inspiring hearts, awakening  dreams, and feeding souls

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I never dreamed that making music would be such a major part of my life or think that my songs would inspire others. But every song that I've written has come at a time when the person who needed that inspiration the most was me. They have helped overcome so many challeges in my life that I want to share them with you. I pray that they inspire your heart, awaken your dreams, and feed your soul.

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Listening To Music Should Make You Feel Better

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Feed Your Soul

If you've ever found yourself up at night and unable to sleep then I've been there. That annoying and frustrating feeling that there's more to life haunts everyone. That's why it's even more important to feed your soul with music that will move you forward and remind you of how important you are.

"Steve Spurgeon has a long history as an entertainer and has performed for well over 2 million people over the course of 30+ years in a variety of settings all over the midwest.  A former Nebraska Cornhusker and minor league baseball player, he has always believed that we all were created to live the dreams God has given us.  He always has been and still is, The Dreamer!

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My father once said, "Stevie, if you don't learn to think for yourself, one day someone is going to think for you." Those were prohetic words. I'm glad I took his advise. 
It's OK if you think for yourself!

If we would just love God and love others everything else will work out. The problem is that we have forgotten that love means sacrificing yourself for Him and others. Not serving ourselves for our own personal wants ansd desires.

People have always descibed me as a Dreamer, and it wasn't always meant to be positive. But I have always believed that God created us to live the dreams He has given us, and the best place on the planet where you are free to think for yourself and make the choices to do so, is right here in the USA.
WAKE UP! You live in the USA

Steve you have done much to help change my life for the better. You literally saved my life. This has been a very low and depressed season. You told me I was more than my crazy thinking. You gave me hope. Maybe God does have a plan for my life thank you for not allowing to quit.

Liz B.

Music guaranteed  to awaken your dreams and set your soul on fire.

Mike B.

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